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Discussion on: How to become a Kickass Web Developer in 2021 [Frontend & Backend Tips]

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John Costanzo

I wonder if the message of understanding the basics, was not driven home hard enough. New developers are so quick to start coding in a framework that it hurts them. As a person who hires developers, I expect the basics more then understanding how a framework works. I think I only ask 1 or 2 framework specific questions. I can train you in how to use a framework. What I am not expecting to train you in, is the basics

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Leke Abiodun

The idea of the basics is always a subject we can all argue
Example: Do I need to know PHP to use Laravel, JavaScript to use Vue? or I just need to know how to program then find out how things work within the framework, in most cases frameworks have their opinion.

If you agree that I need to learn PHP to use Laravel, JavaScript to use Vue then I need to learn the underline language of PHP which is C language then I need to learn the Assembly implementation then I need to learn the underline machine language then I need to ... is an exhausting thing.

Things don't have to be this hard. They are all tools, we can take advantage of them without looking into the box to know how it all fits together, that's the goal of technology.

Thank you.