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Jonathan Apodaca Author


  • keywords - recognition of keywords happens at the lexing stage
  • postfix - postfix operators are just operators in the "LED" context that consume no right expression
  • functions - you can break out of the Pratt parser at any moment to a traditional recursive-descent parser. For example, you could define NUD('func') = parseFunction(), where parseFunction(), reads a func keyword, and identifier, and then a parameter list. Later when you are parsing the function body, you invoke a statement parser, and the statement parser optionally calls back into the expression parser (Pratt in this case).
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KryptoCrash • Edited

I'm confused as how I would:
A. Go about separating the lexer from tokenizing ++ instead of + and then another +.

B. Add mixfix and prefix operators as well.

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Jonathan Apodaca Author

A. In your lexer, you if you come across a "+", peek at the next char and check if it is a "+": if so, then consume it and emit "++" as a token, otherwise, just "+"
B. Implement both LED (infix) and NUD (prefix) for the same operator; your implementation will define the behavior of each to get the overall mixfix behavior!

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