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re: Front End interviews are crazy nowadays, So hard to study for. I first started interviewing for Front End opportunities back in 2014-2015. At that ...

99% of devs (probably more) are not interviewing at Paypal, Amazon, LinkedIn, Facebook, Airbnb, Cruise, or Google. More often than not, you are interviewing at a company you have very little knowledge of, and the bit that you do know about them, you are corrected about on the interview.

One of the main reasons why the Front End is so complex now is because you have companies like Airbnb doing their own thing and then blogging about it. Then devs at these random companies feel that they need to do things the Airbnb way and end up creating a disaster then leave.

The cycle continues on and on and on. Devs trying to be too smart, instead of just building something reasonable.

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