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Discussion on: A day in the life for you and git...

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This is really only a summary. There are obviously other things occasionally.

$ git add <filename>
$ git commit
$ git push [remote]

And sometimes:

$ git checkout master
$ git merge release/x.y -m "Release x.y \
$(git changelog master..release/x.y)" --no-edit
$ git branch -d release/x.y
$ git push production

Some notes:

  • changelog is an alias for grabbing all commit messages in a range, minus any that come from branches that were merged (the opposite of excluding merge messages).
  • I haven't had time to figure out making this changelog functionality automatic when merging into master. Past attempts have failed unfortunately (although I'd be open to suggestions; I'm on Windows).


I'll try to remember to share this alias if anyone wants it. I'll have to come back over lunch Monday and add it though.