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Discussion on: Explain Deno Like I'm Five

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That sounds interesting.

Also, I realize you have to explicitly give Deno certain permissions at runtime, but I'm skeptical of the idea of using ES module imports with third-party URLs for server-side code. Maybe I just need to read up on that...

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Kushal Niroula

Yes, I think that will be addressed in some way as the platform matures. However, researching before using a third party package/URL is a must. So, we need to ensure that we only use those packages that we absolutely trust.

The other issues have been solved by the Deno team already. Mainly, importing the packages and exporting them; this ensures that we know the packages that we are using and that we use only single version of any library/package. Next, the Deno automatically caches code the first time we install dependencies, so our software won't break because of change in code from the URL. We could also version control our dependency if we want.