Discussion on: What Are Your Career Goals?

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John Van Wagenen Author

As you can probably tell from my asking this question, my career plan is still forming. I don't know everything I'd like to do or exactly the path I'd like to go, but I do know a few things. My short-term goal is to graduate from Georgia Tech with my Master's. Mid-term goal is up in the air. Possibly management, but we'll see. For my long-term goal, I see myself as a CTO or SVP or something along those lines working for a company that actually impacts people's lives.

I'm fortunate enough to work for an outstanding company. The company really cares about each of its employees and the software we make actually makes a difference and has helped save lives. As a result, I have opportunities to explore different aspects of software engineering: from coding to architecture to database to devops to leadership and beyond. If there's something I'm interested in, I can usually find a way to be exposed to it at work. That's been really beneficial as I've been learning and growing in my career.

As for advice for others, I'd say find your passion and pursue it. Oftentimes the only thing holding us back is ourselves. Be bold and go for it. Don't settle for a sub-par job. Find a good employer (or be a good employer) and learn all you can. Do your best and everything will work out. If you do, doors will open for you, in time, and you'll have fewer regrets.

Also, thanks to all who have participated in this discussion! It's great to see others paths and learn from them. If you're just reading this now and haven't shared yet, feel free to add your goals and plans for your career! We'd love to hear them!