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Discussion on: To React or Not?

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Josh Juggernaut • Edited on

The fact that you are having a moral dilemma about which framework you should use based on the Creator's actions (outside of the maintenance and development of the code you are using) shows that you got too much free time. It's easy to point at Google or Facebook and disagree with how they handle specific events that have NOTHING to do with their code. Imagine pulling in third party libraries into your project, do you make judgements about the personal lives of each developer involved in the making of that library? Or just the company? Does it make you feel good that you are not under the same level of scrutiny that larger businesses are in? Who are you to make criticisms and what's your moral high ground? As others have stated, Facebook and Google don't care if you use their open source projects. You and your company ought to be grateful to be able to use high quality code, free of charge.

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James Author

Thanks for your comments Josh, did you create a DevTo account just to leave this comment? I'm honoured.

Each to their own opinion, although I take issue with your assertion about my free time and level of scrutiny. My question was around the actions of the entity that is Facebook not individual contributors, it would be more constructive to keep the discussion non-personal in my opinion.

As a consumer of services, whether free or not, I am as entitled as anyone else, indeed as we all are to consider the results of our actions, however insignificant they may seem (such as choosing an open source framework), but that's just my opinion feel free to ignore!

Finally re: Facebook or Google not caring, I think the 180 Facebook did on their licensing of React in 2017 shows they do care surely?

Anyway, thanks for reading

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Thiago de Bastos

I would argue that Google and Facebook care very much that you use their OS projects. By open sourcing, they have created a global talent pool of developers who all know their framework of choice and are thus pre-trained before ever being employed. Open-sourcing also means you get global talent, working for 'free' for you. None of these companies ever do anything to be nice, they do whatever they can — and I mean anythning they can get away with — to pay out their shareholders. That is a company's main drive. To pretend otherwise is to seriously overlook what is really going on.