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Discussion on: Good Programmer vs Average Programmer - and, Why Asking questions and Paying attention to Details matters.

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Julius Žaromskis

I get your point, just a bad example with the script IMO. Must absolutely convey that questions as a client, because most people would completely trust a recruiter to get his requirements right. I would.

In one interview I was asked to perform a practical task. I came back with additional questions, because I wasn't sure about the exact requirements and hence the best possible DB solution. I was ridiculed for not inferring the requirements by myself.

After I said I would not continue with onboarding, I asked interviewee to disclose all details. He had no idea about the potential problems with real world implementation of the said task.

I guess my point is that people tend to have a sort of tunnel vision and rule out good candidates based on bad assumptions.

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javinpaul Author

That's true and it happens many times and unfortunately, there is no way to really stop it because nobody questions Interviewer why he rejects a candidate?