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Discussion on: 5 Easy LeetCode questions to start competitive-coding

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Totally agree. I feel and see a big difference just in the 4 weeks that I have been Leetcoding.
In fact, I just made the same comment in my Leetcode Diary (the Week 4 video is not yet out... too busy coding...little time to blog about the coding).

Anyway, I was working on dissecting problem 21, merging 2 sorted linked list. Leetcode helped me to see how rusty I was. I spent a week on that one problem trying to really hammer out my weaknesses. I feel sooo much better about linked lists (creation, insertion, deletion, traversing). Before problem 21, linked lists terrified me. Now I'm barely shaken by them.

I'm not a star coder yet but I'm also not a scared little kid when it comes to arrays and linked lists.

Leetcode Diary:

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Naga Saisriya Author

Its great to see you kickstart your journey, become confident about yourselves and make good progress✨
Happy Coding :)