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How much time you're wasting in your day?

Aashir Aamir Khan on February 25, 2020

Are you a person like me, looking for some spare time to work on personal projects, read books, watch tutorials or attend classes? The answer is t... [Read Full]
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Hi Aashir, I don't think this is bullshit — it is actually an interesting post. In my journey of productivity, what I've realized is that work can either come from desperation or inspiration:

Desperation may cause us to work desperately because we believe if we don't finish X then we will not deserve something in change. For example, "If I don't improve my development skills I will NOT be able to get the job I want".

Inspiration, on the other hand, is when we work smoothly on something just because we feel drawn or called to it. There is no "I NEED TO", one simply starts doing the thing you want to do, there is no discipline, motivation, or procrastination involved.


🙂🙏, Thanks. Yes, I just wrote it according to my mind.


Are you giving yourself time to relax and unwind at the end of the day as well?


Should it be calculated into tasks as well? But anyway, I agree with your point. We should not be too harsh to ourselves.


Yes, I agree with you. You calculate the total day time according to your mind(like I have 6 hours in a day but I will calculate by 5 hours because I want to rest in 1 hour). Calculate the relax time, and minus it from the total day time

Ah I see. In that case it sounds like a pretty good way to track productivity!


This was actually an interesting perspective, I personally don't think it was bs.


Ooook, Now I have to think again about this. I'll improvise it and publish the best version of it

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