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Discussion on: Why did you choose the SPA architecure?

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Gage Author

Yeah that's a very big benefit I do admit! We used to use Create React App at Podium and that was one of my favorite benefits, never having to worry about the Webpack config under the hood. Things would generally just work and we would get upgrades for free.

So were you using Ruby on Rails as just an API? Or were you doing server rendered pages? What were you building with them? They must have been pretty successful if you ended up having to shard DB tables 🙌

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Aaron Garvey

Hahaha. Successful is a very subjective view. These were niche CRM/ERP style applications that were server rendered pages as well as API, and rightly or wrongly the sharing strategy was only in place for some limited multi region use cases, not necessarily due to database load etc.