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Discussion on: 🚀10 Trending projects on GitHub for web developers - 23rd October 2020

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John Peters • Edited on

Interesting trends:

  • Moves toward Web Components :
    • Svelte,
    • dragmove could easily be a web component
    • Fully functioning drop-in components like Froala
  • Code generation
    • Checkly
    • Appsmith via drag and drop
  • Serverless or cloud solutions: Webiny

I think that code generation is somewhat under the radar but of high value. Creating apps via drag and drop is too cool.

Moving to serverless and cloud, removes server and network admin.

Have the big 3 reached their peak? (Vue, React, Angular)

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Iain Freestone Author

I have spent the last couple of days building a graphQL API with Strapi and I totally agree with "code generation is somewhat under the radar but of high value" . I was able to build out 90% of what i needed using drag and drop and then could build upon the generated code. I was super impressed plus I am free to host where I like and have full control of my data. win win.