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Discussion on: The Biggest Change in the Software Development Industry the Past 10 Years

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John Peters

My vote for most profoundly true article for 2020! We used to say "If you are not ADD yet, just stay in IT another year" But maybe it wasn't a joke.

I had a fellow tell me once he had Asperger's, he was brilliant, but vicious. Another one had a steel plate in his frontal head area from Vietnam, most of us rough gruff types enjoyed him but he scared everyone else to death.

The worst, by far, have been the self-appointed leaders of their own nation. You know, they have very deep rules and regulations for entry into their kingdom; but you only discover them one at a time after you've accidentally tripped them. Companies seem to like these kinds because they have no empathy or compassion for those in-the-trenches doing the real work.

One guy on a project, was universally declared weird by almost everyone. I had to work with him exclusively and found out, he wasn't weird, he was just very introverted and didn't give proper social queues/feedback to those around him. He admitted as much. Turns out he served 15 years in the Navy on a Nuclear Submarine as a Lieutenant. We became good buds. I felt compelled to buy his lunches when we went out... He was extremely smart.

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