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Discussion on: Who's looking for open source contributors? (March 25th edition)

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Daniel Kantor

Looking for contributors to my project called emuto:

Emuto is a small language and command line tool that is specifically designed for restructuring JSON (and other) data files. The syntax is heavily inspired by jq and GraphQL.

Emuto isn't designed to query databases. Rather, it can be used to restructure data that you obtain form APIs, static files, databases and command line software. This is useful when you have different libraries or software that could theoretically work together, but use different data structures or formats.

A practical example of that would be taking the output of the command df, and converting it's output data into a JSON file that can be displayed by your charting tool or uploaded to an API.

I am looking for any kind of contributions, including:

  • code review
  • testing
  • feedback
  • implementing new features
  • testing
  • designing new features or improvement
  • documentation
  • writing articles about different use cases

... or anything you would like to do :-) If you are interested in developing languages, command line tools or you think that emuto is useful, then it should be a nice fit for you.