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Mine was accidental. I was an IT technician in a school and found a job in the ambulance service doing the same, but with a remit to build their website. I searched on jobsite or Monster (can’t quite remember).

Turned out to be an epic job as I self trained in VB (switching to C# later on) and ended up doing more coding — internal systems and websites — and less IT stuff.

And the rest belongs to the ages.

But for you, don’t get down. I have a few posts on job hunting, hopefully they’ll help you. But it is gruelling and hard work and thankless.

Personally I do it in bursts. Apply for a few jobs, do the interviews and take breaks along the way.

If it helps, I did have a struggle recently where I applied for about 30+ roles and got nowhere. And I’m a senior level. So it happens to us all.

I tried to get as much feedback as I could and approached it from a different angle. Spent more time tailoring my CV, contacting companies directly and eventually things turned round.

Keep the faith ☺️

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