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Discussion on: Do you tidy up your workspace when done coding?

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KhoPhi Author • Edited on

Now if I could approach cleaning up my desktop from the million files that get dumped there during the coding and testing process I'd be much better off!

For years now, I only stick to no icons on the desktop.

Gnome also has the option to not display desktop icons when on desktop, so I get to see no icons.

I don't think I can use my computer with even a single icon on the desktop. The cognitive dissonance I'll go through, I can't handle.

Black wallpaper, empty desktop is what keeps me sane.

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Kevin McKenna

That is almost exactly what I say think as I finally clean it all up.

Maybe I should spend some time looking for organising tips instead of just hiding the problem by dining then all in a folder every few months! :)