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Discussion on: Better TypeScript... With JavaScript

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Zane Milakovic

Sorry replying again. The cognitive piece I totally get. It’s also valuable if a team aligns on this, as it just make defensive coding a first class citizen because you operationalized it, instead of it being a testing strategy or a fix when you get a bug.

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Adam Nathaniel Davis Author

Agreed. When I'm working outside my own personal code - on larger teams - I have used these kinds of approaches. But I also try to be judicious about it. Because if this little library isn't used anywhere else in the app, and no one else on the team likes it or wants to use it, and my contribution is not in some kinda standalone/modularized portion of the app, then it can be borderline-irresponsible to just start chucking it into the middle of a much larger preexisting codebase.