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Discussion on: On the Occasional Misdiagnosis of "Not Invented Here Syndrome"

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Zane Milakovic

Great article. I would make the argument that for front end development, frameworks and libraries are typically safe to use from external sources. Provided the research was done to make sure it actually delivers and solve a need.

The best use case I have seen for avoiding external code is with components. When developers pull in a calendar widget, a expander, slider, etc it does solve a problem. But as I get older and focus more and more on accessibility and performance, I see these as bloating the client.

The really big cause is design and need. Many components are built for the masses to make things easier. Others are restrictive on patterns.

So what that causes us developers to do is either compromise the design, or choose larger components we can custom to our needs.

The other benefit for a front-end Dev to actually build it themselves, is they learn. So many boot camp devs have only copy and pasted from stack overflow or used libraries. Building it from scratch to meet your organizations needs, while focusing on a11y and performance, really educates.

Not everyone can afford to do this. But it’s a trade off we have made any chance we can, and it has paid off in spades with the development of our teams. But it does have to be thoughtful, and justified.