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Discussion on: [] How can I see the posts I ponied?

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kinghat • Edited on

We have this on the roadmap, coming early '19

is this a thing yet? more interested in the list for the ❤️s. i guess if you were going to display a list for one you would display it for them all.

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Olivier “Ölbaum” Scherler

Maybe start with an API endpoint, so we can recover the articles we liked.

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May I know whether this has been implemented yet?

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I only react to a post that I really like, would be nice revisited theses posts. I´m looking for a post I reacted in the past and I can not find.

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me too :(

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Me too. Using since 4 months, liked multiple post to test on my holiday and... Nothing ! Where are this list of liked post ? :(