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Discussion on: Welcome Thread - v39

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Kit Plummer

Hey Ted. Having spent some time being one-handed, and knowing a few devers, have some insight. Maybe you've already figured it out, maybe not...

Laptops and their trackpads are way more efficient than a keyboard and mouse. IDEs and their "macros" can help you a lot. Most of the new-breed editors (Atom, VSCode, et al) have good support for hot-keys and language-specific stuff, on top of their contextual menus.

I think you'll find out that coding is as much about thinking as it is typing. You'll optimize the time between the two, as well as figuring out how to context-switch.

Invest as much time in learning to test your code as learning the language. I know for me, I was prone to more syntax (read spelling) issues when I was traveling the whole keyboard with one hand.

I didn't have much luck with speech-to-text tooling, but this was a while back for me. I know some developers who use it pretty well now. I don't know the toolchain but they've figured out how to wire up macros and hot-keys to voice actions.

Good luck to ya!