Discussion on: Imposter Syndrome: PHP Edition

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hunor karamán

Hi Andrew,
I perfectly understand your point. I used to hate Javascript until this summer and I realized that it was because of the negativity about it in other communities.

Summer I've started working on a web app and we've built our back-end with PHP because my partner loved it and he said it's the simplest way to do the thing. To be honest, he was right. I fell in love with how naturaly and easily PHP glues together the back-end and the front-end.

So, since than, my opinion changed 180 degrees and PHP is one of my goto languages. :D

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Andrew Davis Author

Programming in PHP can be a lot of fun and you can make great websites with it, it’s great that you discovered that. It’s interesting that JavaScript has some irritating issues, but has been able to overcome the stigma with Node.js. I’m guessing it’s because everybody has to do some JS at some point.

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Marketing is a hell of a drug.