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Just curious why dev is using postgres vs mysql. What are the benefits?


You phrased this question like MySQL is some sort of standard and one needs a specific reason to use something else. It's not, and especially in the Ruby/Rails community many people tend to gravitate towards Postgres by default. That said for your average CRUD app written in MVC framework/language of choice, there probably isn't much practical difference between them.

You can find a relatively comprehensive comparison here:

For me the reasons I generally choose Postgres are:

  • Advanced data types (e.g. hstore, array)
  • More flexible default values (e.g. generating them from functions)
  • Materialized views (possible with workarounds in MySql/MariaDB, but I'd rather have them natively)
  • Better indexing options

Thanks for the detailed explanation! I don't come from the ROR community so Postgres is foreign to me...and I know a lot of people that fall inthe same boat. Your answer was helpful, so thanks.

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