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Discussion on: AWS Lambda + Rust

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Ken Snyder

I guess to add onto this ... if not performance ... why? I'm not questioning RUST in this use case as much as just wondering why folks would take on a less known language that has less direct support and examples to work off of.

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Valentin Radu Author

Thanks for reading! I didn't test the performance. I suppose it's better than NodeJS since it eliminates some of VM overhead, however, I also feel that lambdas are many times slow for other reasons related to how they are orchestrated, and unrelated to the hosted function itself (again, I haven't tested this either, just a hunch from experience)

In any case, I'm pretty new to Rust as well and the reason I did this is because I like it as a language and (very important) its ecosystem too: it's a pleasure to use.

I realize this might not scale well talent-wise (aka, if you start a Rust project you automatically reduce the talent pool by 80%), but, for my particular use case that's not such a problem.