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Discussion on: Rust #7: Command-Line interfaces

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Ken Snyder

Final post in my "random post series" ... in terms of immediately useable use-cases for Rust I think the CLI is a real winner but the other one is Rust's ability to produce WebAssembly. I was looking around at crypto code for a project and I'm starting to think that a Rust-to-WA version of AES's GCM might be higher performance (almost surely) and possibly smaller payload (my visibility is limited). The example I saw did not implement GCM though (and it's the only one in web crypto that support verification) and so I'm feeling a bit intimidated at hitting crypto for my first foray into Rust. :)

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Matt Davies Author

I don't have much experience with WASM and Rust or with Crypto crates. WASM is definitely something I want to explore and write a blog article about.