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The last thing I recall biting me in JS and I didn't see it mentioned above:

3 === new Number(3)  // false
3 === Number(3)      // true

The first one is false because new creates a Number object instance which is compared by reference. Value does not equal object reference.

typeof new Number(3) // object

The second one is true because it is a function which returns a value type.

typeof Number(3)     // number
typeof 3             // number

This is a Javascript feature that is best avoided.

Type coercion is one of the worst parts of JS. I could not even count the number of hours I have wasted tracking down bugs because of this "feature". It is one of the main reasons I avoid the language.


Yeah, object wrappers. They almost never have an advantage over the normal primitives.

Those sort of bugs can truly be frustrating.

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