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I suppose I didn't provide enough context in how this is used. (The post was already so large.) Probably the best background is Greg Young's excellent series of articles taking you from a traditional approach to event sourcing.

Events belong to a stream. It parallels very well to git. In git terms, an event is a commit and a stream is a branch. A concrete example: I have Training streams to represent user training. The stream starts with RegistrationCreated { StreamId, TraineeId, CourseId, DueDate, etc.}. It could be that after a Training stream is created, these two things happen simultaneously:

  • An admin cancels the registration.
    • Using the UI, they issue a command CancelRegistration.
    • The Training is currently active, so this is a valid request.
    • The RegistrationCanceled event is generated.

  • A trainee begins training in the same registration by watching a video.
    • Using the UI, they issue a StartVideo command.
    • The Training is currently active and has a video, so this is valid.
    • The VideoStarted event is generated.

Both of these are trying to make divergent changes to the same stream at the same instant in time. The first one to commit events into the stream succeeds. (Using the Stream table described in the post) the second one sees that the stream has changed versions while it was processing the StartVideo command, so it will detect the conflict and probably provide an error back to the trainee.

That was the command side. There is another side to this coin, the query side. In this case there is no business logic to run for user queries (aside from validating queries are well-formed, and the user is permitted to run it).

The models on the query side are built from events as they come in. A concrete example would be when a trainee logs in, they are presented with a list of training they can take. How do we build that list? A service listens for events that affect this list and makes changes to a relational model.

  • RegistrationCreated inserts a new row using data on the event
  • RegistrationCanceled deletes the appropriate row
  • TrainingCompleted deletes the appropriate row

There could be another view for Training History that only inserts rows when it sees TrainingCompleted events. Basically we can create any view of the data we want by replaying events onto it.

This is perhaps the place where RabbitMQ could be useful, to deliver notifications to listeners as new events occurred. However, RabbitMQ would only be part of the solution. You see, listeners usually need to replay streams from a given starting position. For example, I deploy a new listener and let it rebuild from the first event. Another example, a listener experiences an outage and when it starts back it wants to start from the last event it saw. RabbitMQ doesn't have the old events anymore since it was already delivered to all subscribers at the time it was generated. So listeners still need the capability to read from the database from where they left off.

It makes sense. Thanks for deeper explanations. Cheers.

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