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re: Interesting read. I haven't had to maintain a codebase for years and years, so much of what I'll say here is just the theory as I understand it, wi...

I have examples from a larger code base.

Here is an example where I had to chase down some code in ASP.NET Core.

You can see all the different places I had to look, and in the end I cannot be 100% certain because of various indirections through interfaces, inheritance, and registration patterns.

Similarly, I once went on safari across ASP.NET Core Kestrel and MVC code bases looking for precisely what AuthorizeAttribute actually checked from the HTTP request. And I could never find it. I found the code that I thought was ultimately called, but I could never find the chain of evidence linking them. Give it a try and see what you come up with. :)

I have a lot of respect for the accomplishments of the .NET Core teams, but their style of coding -- which appears to adhere to good practices in general -- makes it extremely difficult to trace through unless you already worked on it and know where things are. So anyway, it's an example for this discussion.

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