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I've just started a remote job and it was really hard to find where I live (Japan).
That has always be my dream too and the only thing that could be better would be if that was a programming job instead of technical support but I tell myself we can't have everything ;)

But so far, I find working from home really nice.

I had a 1 hour and 20 minutes commute and I calculated that given a period of about 4 years, because of work added to the commute etc, I would actually be spending time with my wife for a little more than a year ...
I may sound corny but that was the main reason I wanted to work from home.
Now, as soon as I'm done, I can enjoy being with her and even during work, I can talk to her. She's basically a colleague sitting next to me (she's freelancing at home too).

So to me, I don't miss the office at all but keep in mind it's been only 2 months.
In 2 years from now, I may be saying different things :D
(Hopefully in 2 years, I will be back to programming and from home!)

Sorry for the long comment ...

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