Two Kinds of Tech Debt and How to Pay It Down

Kyle Galbraith on October 23, 2018

Everyone is always excited to work on a brand new project. A greenfield project allows developers to start from scratch, apply the lessons the... [Read Full]
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Nice one. I haven't thought about our to-be-automated tasks as technical debt.


I hadn't thought much about it either until I joined a new team recently. They actually refer to this type of tech debt as repeatedly kicking yourself in the face.


Neither had I. We've historically waited till it bothered someone so much they switched to FDD (Frustration Driven Development) and just got it done.


Thank you Christian! It's in the alpha stage right now but I keep iterating on it and welcome any feedback to make it better.


Good explanation Kyle! I believe all the decision makers in IT operation should know this topic.


I prefer boy scouting and a round robin refactoring role compared to yet another regular meeting.

Google SREs call manual repetitive tasks "toil" (see respective book about details).

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