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re: RxJS is definitely a very powerful tool. But in my every day usages of async related things, I've never felt that I need to use something as powerf...

Yeah well honestly with RxJS the benefit is that you are moving your business logic into a domain specific language - so it's much easier to copy/paste code into new frameworks and libraries without large rewrites. You're also essentially future proofing your code two ways. The first is - RxJS provides an abstraction in the form of Observable for you so that you can easily change out the inputs at a later time. The second is - later on, it's much easier to add on functionality by just adding on another operator or chaining together a set of things, again, without having to rewrite your code much.

I'd say it's super smart to kill all the flies with a bazooka because later on you may be thankful you have that abstraction in place.

Also it's just more declarative and easier to read.

I always use RxJS so I don't have other recs on other libraries! :)


One of the selling points of React is to just write JS, no need to decipher a DSL. Why doesn’t RxJS take this approach?

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