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re: my point is: developer can stream his 'coding' process which is not equal to 'developing' process because (you are right) 'coding' is about typing ...

Yeah and you can stream both?

I think in general we teach people in Tutorials on how to use technologies but not how to think.

and yeah streaming and thinking together with the community about requirements, architecture, algorithms, specifications, mockups, and implementation. Would be pretty nice!

See other perspectives and how other people go about a problem. I would watch that!

sure :) but in case to show full process of development developer-presenter need some soft skills (how to tell stories, be extrovert, do not afraid to make mistakes etc.)
not all devs are extroverts ;)

Yeah, that's true!

If everybody streams there will be nobody to watch ;)

:) yep

BTW, one working case with streaming dev process I practice: when I work as mentor with newcomer (trainee) dev on same project

Yeah, I practice that with my Junior's too.
In German, we call this "sprechendes denken".

I don't know how to translate that correctly. Maybe "spoken thinking".

It means that you just say what you are thinking without first thinking and then speaking.

Yeah and I think this is something nobody is talking about.

Maybe live-streaming that would be nice :)

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