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Just a few findings from me:

1) The animation on a 27 inch display is a little bit to much. I personally find it not very pleasant after the second time
2) On mobile I can see the "C" from "contact"
3) On Firefox I have 2 scroll bars.
4) The Hamburger menu does not animate from 1 line to 3 lines. It just jumps to 3 lines.

In general I see this screen filing menus more and more. This to me only makes sense on Mobile where the space is limited but on a laptop or even on a 27 inch monitor it is for me not a very good user experience.

Besides that good article.


Hahaha you think I would actually use this in production? This is just to showcase what you can do with pseudo classes, don't take things too seriously.


I'm not taking it too serious :)

Maybe some (junior) devs will think that this should be used in production.

Like people use the codedrops examples in production and then the complete UI is super laggy ;)

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