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Discussion on: Throw Out Your React State-Management Tools

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András Tóth • Edited

Overmind.js - the redux that should have been written in the first place.

It's not forcing an overly complex "functional" style with all its unnecessary wrapping a function in a function. You don't need 5 libraries just to be able to do async events. It just works as you expect it.

A random thought: there is a lot of hatred for OOP in JS circles - rightly so, since the language was not built for that (and neither for FP). However the idea of having private vs. public fields is excellent and it is connected to global states: if you put any minuscule implementation detail into it, people are going to depend on them making the application hard to change (but it would be still "theoretically correct").

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Adam Nathaniel Davis Author

Interesting. I haven't been exposed to Overmind before, but I'll definitely check it out!