Quick Setup of Oh My ZSH! terminal on Ubuntu

Egwuenu Gift on April 27, 2018

Tired of the good ol' boring looking terminal? Do you want to try something different and funky then you should definitely try Oh-my-zsh! As deve... [Read Full]
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If you're using agnoster as a theme then you should install one of the patched fonts from Vim-Powerline for special characters.

Also, if you don't want to see your username at the begining of the prompt (as I would recommend) then you'll have to add this to your ~/.zshrc file


This will hide the user@hostname info


Take a loot to Prezto, oh-my-zsh is slower because it uses zsh wrapper instead of native code.
(Maybe things have changed since the time I switched for prezto)


I feel like I never properly utilize oh-my-zsh.

It's prettier than Terminal! But I never remember to use the autocompletes, including the add-on stuff like git and docker that I enabled. I just use it as a reskinnedTerminal.

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