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Peter Street

That's a great question. I'd imagine something like a 'comments' section, a request for clarification or similar, with the ability to update the request and have an in-public clarification or RFC (Request for Comment) interaction.

My thoughts would be that if someone puts something exceptionally unclear (Example: "Graphics Design some Android App UI screens") which could be trivial (Put some forms together) or extremely complex (Design a UX to cover a multi-page interaction with good principles) then those considering doing it could interact with the author of the question to clarify it before committing to actually putting in the work.

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Mohsin Hayat Author • Edited on

Yes that's a good suggestion. I didn't think about RFC, brilliant idea 👍👍. I'll add this to my to-do list and start the implementation ASAP.

Users will be able to clarify the requirements in a publicly available comment section on the task.

Thanks a lot 👌