New Here!🙌

lbugasu profile image Laurence Ininda ・1 min read

Hi DEV community,
I'm new here and hoping to share my work, experiences and ideas as well as learn from you all. I've been reading and love a lot of the work and experiences that is shared on DEV.

In the spirit of sharing, I will share a recent project that I worked on: Rebuilding my personal site. My writing is mostly poetry and prose but getting into writing about my programming work.

Learning goals:

  1. Apply React.js to a Web project
  2. Make the website a Progressive Web Application
  3. Use Contentful to deliver blog posts

Working Site:

Current Website Version

Still working on the home page animation and adding a few perks.

Feel free to give me feedback!


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Nicely done, does highlight your content which is excellent.