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Discussion on: Build an E-Commerce Website with MERN Stack - Part 3 (Authentication and Items)

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this would have been such a great tutorial article, but unfortunately you fell prey almost every other tutorial where you present only a portion of the material and then forget the rest. where the hell is the client portion.

this article should have been titled "how to create a node express back-end" or better yet, you should have had your coffee and then skipped the exercise altogether, you would have done us a great favor by not enticing us with something you were not going to complete.

where are the mongo urls samples, where are the config samples, and where is the client code

what a shame....

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Kumar Shubham Author

I have not forgotten the rest. I will complete each and every part including the client portion and config file. It is planned to be a 6-7 part series. I have only published 3 parts till now. More parts will come in coming days. It would be complete.

So, please wait for the parts to come. I hope you enjoy the articles.