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Discussion on: Going from Intermediate to Advanced Coding Skills: Changing the way I'm learning to code

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Then, instead of building the example project I am trying to apply this new knowledge in my current projects. This way I am still using what I am learning, but I'm getting my hands dirty by working in something that I'm not being guided through step by step

That's been my experience too. We have to do our own projects, especially something that'll solve an issue we are currently facing or something that we feel could be helpful to those we interact with (colleagues, juniors, students, etc)

I've also found that I learned a lot while teaching and writing books about topics I'm familiar with. There is a natural incentive in these tasks to deep dive and give it our best shot. And while doing so, we bring out our thoughts in written/vocal form which provides lot more clarity than what we had in our minds alone.

I have some curated links that can help if you are looking for ideas to implement.

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Same here. I've stopped following the tutorials and now I'm just getting notes and trying to apply the new concepts to my side projects.
Another thing that is really, really helpful is having pair programming sessions with more senior devs although this might not be possible if you're just learning on your own but still dont have a job.
You can also review the code of libraries you use and try to understand why it's build the way it is :)

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dAVE Inden Author • Edited

Working with a more senior person is a great way to learn more, especially since they can provide personal notes on their experience which helps a lot in hearing how someone made a real world decisions on how to do something. But, as you said it isn't always an option for some. I have seen some sites recently that offer pair programming with someone online to do that kind of mentoring. It is a neat idea.
I have dug into the code of things I have used too. Mostly I have done it with packages on npm to see how they work and if I can implement it myself without having to install the dependency. But, it is a great way to learn how real projects are structured and see how things work.

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dAVE Inden Author

I have been working towards teaching about code as well. I have given some talks and plan on creating more articles here that are technically focused on something.
Thanks for those links. I will definitely check those out. :)