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re: Sounds interesting. I've been thinking actually to start working remotely but I think there is a problem: how do you manage this when a team workin...

I've worked at companies that have done the "war room" thing to get a bunch of people in the same room to be productive. But really the purpose of this was more to isolate those people from the rest of the company.

What is the benefit of everyone being in the same room? That you can yell out a question to someone? That's distracting to everyone else and badly interrupts at least one person.

That you can easily get up and go ask questions of others? You can easily do that via video chat software.

Working together in the same room can have its benefits (I've done it), but it also has plenty of negatives.

No one environment is perfect for every situation, but working remotely is better for more situations than people think.

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