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re: Stephan Wolfram video where the crash happens: the launch video is no longer available. The crash acknowledgement happens at 10:15 derp. I think...

Beautiful. :D

In a former life when I was doing network administration for a university's school of business, I got a phone call from another network admin demanding that I give him the contact information connected to a specific IP address that was "attacking" their system. He figured that a university kid was trying to brute force a password to their FTP service.

Turns out that it was a company being hosted by our business incubator. The angry admin's company had hired them to redo their website, so they were trying to FTP into the web server. Only the password was wrong, and their stupid software kept trying to reconnect.

That guy threatened to sic his lawyers on me. I told my boss, and to his credit, he shrugged and said, "that's fine. Here's the contact info for our lawyers. You can tell him to give it to his lawyers."

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