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Discussion on: Why You Shouldn't Use A Web Framework

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leob • Edited


"Frameworks are all terrible. All of them. I'm serious - they are making you all into bad developers. Stop using them now" ...

All I can say is, total rubbish, biggest nonsense I've ever heard.

If I'm on a project or a job and I have to pay my bills at the end of the month, then the only thing which counts is "does it get the job done". If it does, then just keep using it. If it works, it works, it's that simple. In many (most?) cases it's not even for me to decide whether or not to use a framework, or which one for that matter.

If you have such a strong opinion about this then don't preach - show!

Convince me that it's so easy, and realistically feasible for a person with deadlines and without tons of time on their hands. Show me the absolute minimum CSS (and JS) that's needed for a real-world website, covering (amongst others) CSS resets, viewport, typography, color scheme, layout (grid, responsive), accessibility ...

When I see a convincing example of something that takes care of all this (and doesn't take weeks to put together), then I'll gladly drop my frameworks.

Oh and don't get me wrong, I'm 100% for learning and mastering the fundamentals, but that doesn't mean that not using a framework would be realistic or even a viable option on many projects.