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Discussion on: When Stack Overflow Goes Offline...

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leob • Edited

I've seen many examples of that, websites trying to "distill" and regurgitate the knowledge from Stackoverflow, and it's worse than useless ... it's always outdated, you're missing the context, you get a ton of annoying ads (people running those 'platforms' need to make money somehow), it's polluting my Google search results ... waste of time.

Ten times better to get the info straight from the horse's mouth, that is, Stackoverflow. And github issues often contain nuggets of gold.

Websites trying to aggregate or 'improve' info which they've sourced from authoritative sources only make things worse. It reminds me of the shadowy world of the numerous Wikipedia clones/rip-offs which often don't do much more than scrape info literally from Wikipedia and add a ton of ads to it. I've come across those websites, pointless and an utter waste of time.