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Discussion on: 10x Programmers: Myth Or Reality?

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Cameron Lepper

I don't really like the prefix of '10x' on anything, it's a (silly) business term that's now filtered its way through into our domain.

Firstly, I think that people should avoid any attempt to quantify their value over others, because what you offer is not some magical linear spectrum based on one single capability.

There's also a real hint of narcissism about it. Most tech places will have a structure in place, which will have senior/principal prefixes before roles. These gives a rough indication of seniority. This seems infinitely preferable, because it is representative of their abilities and experience rather than being a dogmatic self-assertion of some sort of quantifiable exponential value over others. You can be a prodigy programmer within a company, but to refer to yourself as a 10x programmer is still just a bit overly-confident and a bit silly.

Companies shouldn't condone the use of the phrase, either, and should stop using it in jobs specs.