re: What do you think the BEST feature is that dev.to could add? VIEW POST


Being able to have the same post in several languages with an easy switch option


In theory, this is a really great feature that I totally agree with. However, given the current state of online language translators (such as Google Translate), it must be pointed out that it may prove to be difficult—or even cumbersome—to even attempt to translate some technical programming jargon to other languages. I fear that the state of being "lost in translation" may cause even more confusion.

But then again, some level of translation is at least better than none, right? I mean I hope so...


Maybe just the ability to write (manually) the article in more than one language, and the correct one for the reader's language preference is chosen automatically, if it exists.

Ah, in this case, I believe this is doable. A manual language setting—perhaps in the front matter—may prove to be ideal if the author wants to explicitly denote the language of the article.

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