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Discussion on: Rant on JS naming

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lionel-rowe • Edited on

Better searchability, for one thing. Google next, and the first result is a clothing brand (for me at least, will depend on your location, search history, etc). But Google next.js, and you get what you were looking for.

Beyond that... it's just language. Different people will have different preferences for how to pronounce or format things. Brands try to get people to use the "one true pronunciation", "one true format" (with/without dots, spaces, capitalization, etc.), or even "one true usage"... but ultimately, people will ignore them if they feel like it.

Here's the official Deno Twitter account saying that its own creator was mispronouncing its name:

Here's Adobe complaining about "photoshopping" being a verb:

(They should really calm down and stop adobeing about it 😆)

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Michael Currin Author

Oh yeah searchability definitely a strong point.

Oh how often some Jekyll Island resort comes up when I search for Jekyll, around Ruby.

Oh thanks, yeah my colleagues say den no and I see dee no. So glad the official word is what I say and is closer to dinosaur.

Oh Dino in Flintstones. Wonder if that was the inspiration.

Or Ryan just did an anagram of Node.