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Discussion on: What Bootcamp did you attend and would you recommend it?

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I agree with the sentiment that nearly any bootcamp will suffice. I chose mine based on its format.

I'm finishing up at Lambda School and am already employed. I chose it because it's all online, but it involves an 8-5 structured schedule and a lot of live interaction. It's nothing like any other online course I've done, I talk with people/pair program in video chats all day (by my own choosing!), the lectures are live video conferences. It's a great format.

I also chose it because of the payment option. They do an income share agreement of 17% for 2 years. But what really sold me was that you only pay it if you get a job in tech making over 50k. So basically.. it's a safety net which requires no payment if something goes really wrong with your deep dive into coding. I also couldn't afford to pay upfront so, it was one of my only options.

The full stack web track I chose is ~6 months. We covered HTML, CSS, javascript, react, node with express, SQL, python, django, and some C. I started with 0 experience