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re: I love i3 just because it's minimal and resources friendly. But it lacks some modernize features like the rounded-corner and windows transparency w...

What are you talking about?

Why would you ever need rounded corners in a tiling window manager?
Why would you ever need to move transparent windows in a tiling window manager? (BTW you can get translucent windows if you want on i3).

I think you are missing the point of i3 entirely. Care to explain?


I am not talking about the tiling part. But when I use all windows as floating then sometimes I wish I had rounded corners like bspwm . Also I don't know how can I achieve transparency in moving-windows while in floating mood.

Oh I see. Got your point.

But we can agree that floating windows are an exception, that's the paradigm we were moving away when jumping into i3 right?

If you want floating windows with some tiling you can try gnome.

I mainly use i3 on my arch in virtualbox just because it consumes less resources and blazing fast. I'm not a big fan of tiling windows. Don't know but sometimes I find it less productive, atleast for me 🤷‍♂️

If you find it less productive then I can't help but think you are doing it wrong ;)

I have never been more productive in my life than when I started to use i3.

I can't argue with it more . I use i3 less often ,moved onto MacBook and I found that it's the right machine for me. But you know,still MacBooks don't let you tiling their windows through keyboard 😕

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