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Discussion on: Three in one (code first) : NestJs & GraphQl & Mongoose

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Lotfi Author

There is a way, mentioned in NestJs doc, to create a combine type but it does not work with combining a scalar and object types. ex :

export const ResultUnion = createUnionType({
  name: 'ResultUnion',
  types: () => [Hobby, String],
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That's why I chose to add the populate attribute, so if we just want the ids, we set it to false, which will save db access for the mongoose populate operation.

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Radovan Surlak

Right, I was looking into that as well.

The issue for me was that if we use
populate: false, the resolver would be returning an array of IDs, which GraphQL would complain about, since it's not of type Hobby.

I have personally used an approach where I specify extra GraphQL field populatedHobbies of type [Hobby] and keep hobbies endpoint, which would return [ID]

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Lotfi Author

Good idea !

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