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Yufan Lou

My focus is

test the problem solving skills of university students as much as those of others.

So you think that is the wrong thing to focus on?

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I still think the decimal to binary conversion is a problematic test.

^ That is the wrong thing to focus on. Mentioning disparity between university CS and non-university CS is another level of irrelevant. I provide the test, candidate can ask "how do you do that" I say "you divide and mod the number by two, the division gives you the next step the mod gives you the first output" then they write the algorithm down in code.
Whether that problem is binary to decimal, decimal to binary, fizzbuzz or reversing a string, the thing to focus on is that it's an easy problem to explain, it's ripe for asking questions and it leads to a small amount of code that is representative of a candidates basic coding skills. What you get from that 30 second to a minutes worth of effort is:

  • Can this candidate analyse and understand a simple problem statement
  • Does this candidate have good CS basic grounding
  • Can the candidate admit that they have gaps in their knowledge
  • Can the candidate ask questions
  • Does the candidate have a basic grasp of loops, variables, operators, state
  • Can they converse in a clear way from a technical focus

It also has the added discussion routes of

  • How does the candidate understand optimisation
  • How does the candidate understand clarity of code
  • How would they unit test this
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Yufan Lou

We agree on many. We likely agree on more than you think.

But man, this whole thread started about the binary to decimal test. That's part of the topic. How can talking about the topic of the thread be "wrong"?

Thank you for the list of considerations. I like it. But let's cut it here.

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I think the test is stupid. I have BS CS but I vaguely remembers how to divide and get that binary stuff. You need knowledge on how to convert it.

There are also self thought developers and this test will prove nothing.