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Discussion on: The four types of remote work

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Luiz Eduardo Carneiro

Love remote, my current situation is Remote first, there's a co-working that the rest of the company (the partners, CTO, CFO and CEO) work at, and I'm remote 4 days on the week, I just love it, it's by far the best way to do remote work.

Last year I spent some 8 months in pure remote, working for a company in another state in my country, the skype calls were daily, long AF, the guys at the company (not devs) frequently got confused about what I and my peers (also remotes) were doing, and the first time we all met in person in the company's place, everybody look very strange, no small talk, resuming, 1 month later I quit without even a new place to work! Just quit because I was having another burnout.